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Safed is known as an important center for mystical  kabbalah. It is also famous for its art and ancient synagogues. Its cobbled streets and buildings are steeped in history and every spot has a tale to tell.  

Many people come to Safed to celebrate their wedding or bar/batmitzvah, amidst the ancient dwellings and cobbled streets of the Old City. 

​Alongside the Old City is the Artist's Quarter where many, now celebrated artists began their careers. The General Exhibition Center, located in the old Mosque displays many of these works and more. The lanes are full of small art galleries and Judaica stores and there are many restaurants and cafes in the immediate vicinity to stop and relax and enjoy the food and atmosphere. 

Some of the other must see attractions include the Candle Factory and Gallery, The Kadosh Cheese Factory where you can purchase their delicious cheeses and a visit to some of the wineries located in the Old City. Here you can participate in some fun wine tasting sessions. 

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